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Susan Tancer Studios

Vintage Textured Starfish Clutch

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A great elongated size for holding it all - cell phone, bifold wallet, keys, tissue back, and more (we add a box of Altoids or the mini tissue backs to keep these long ones full and balanced). Sealed to have the look and feel of leather with a hidden inner magnet. Fully lined.

About the Bag:

Vintage Textured Starfish (1960) on drybrush canvas clutch measures 5 inches x 15 inches long is an elegant choice for your evening out. We love this brooch - a paled brushed-gold with lots of detail. Oversized so looks great on this elongated clutch (the dry brush mimics of the detail on the brooch). 


High Quality Artist Canvas.

Care Instructions

Wipe clean with a damp cloth.