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Susan Tancer Studios

Two-Tone with Tribal Hairpin

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The ideal size for holding your smartphone, keys, bifold wallet and more! Each bag has a secure magnetic closure and is crafted from hand-painted artist canvas that is finished with multiple layers of sealant to have the look and feel of leather. Eco-friendly and lightweight, our bags are water repellent and proudly made in the USA.

Story Behind the Bag

This simple two-toned brown over tan clutch boldly showcases this unique Tribal hairpin. We discovered that Tribal pin's decorative accents each had meaning. Originally used in ancient Egypt then China, hairpins started out as luxury objects then became the symbol of rites of passage for young women, associating the pin with good fortune for the future. We just love its grace and simplicity. Some subtle texture with the paint.



High Quality Artist Canvas.

Care Instructions

Wipe clean with a damp cloth.