Portrait Joleen Tote


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Though all of our totes differ slightly in shape, they all offer the right size for holding a day’s worth of essentials (and more)!? Each has a secure snap closure, convenient pockets, reinforced flat bottom, and lightweight braided handles. The totes are sealed to have the look and feel of leather but are lightweight and water-repellent.? All crafted from hand-painted canvas, each is a one-of-a-kind original and hand-signed by the artist. Eco-friendly proudly made in the USA.

Story Behind The Bag

This whimsical portrait tote screams personality! Bright turquoise, pink, and yellow with toned-down purple, green and black accents make this tote both a great everyday bag and fun conversation piece.? As with most of our portrait bags, “Joleen” can be worn with almost any outfit and, with the array of colors, can be worn year round. We grounded her bright green eyes, colorful cheeks and pink lips with black and gold braided straps and a bold black signature.

Additional information

Dimensions 10.5 × 13 in