Solid Glitter with Vintage Arrow and Star


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The ideal size for holding your smartphone, keys, and more! Each bag has a secure magnetic closure and is crafted from hand-painted artist canvas that is finished with multiple layers of sealant to have the look and feel of leather. Eco-friendly and light-weight, our bags are water repellent and proudly made in the USA.

Story Behind The Bag

This vintage arrow (we believe circa 1930’s) is a delicately crafted piece (it may be sterling but we are never sure unless we have it appraised). We discovered it in an antique shop in Asheville, NC (on a girls trip a few years ago). It was perfect for this small silver-gray clutch but needed a target so we paired it with this glittery silver star brooch. In addition to finding direction, arrows symbolize power and force. When pointed to the right, it symbolizes protection. We can all use that!


Additional information

Dimensions 8 × 5.5 in