Dry Brush with Double Button


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The ideal size for holding your smartphone, keys, bifold wallet and more! Each bag has a secure magnetic closure and is crafted from hand-painted artist canvas that is finished with multiple layers of sealant to have the look and feel of leather. Eco-friendly and light-weight, our bags are water repellent and proudly made in the USA.

Story Behind The Bag

One of our very favorite bags (for night or day)!? We started with a golden tan base and did a dry brush stroke in black (with hints of gold). It’s super clean but classic. The double button is topped with a vintage black and gold “Chanel” earring (we are not sure, but one of our customers told us she had a pair of Chanel earrings exactly like these. We love the look regardless. Timeless elegance.

Additional information

Dimensions 13 × 5.5 in