Meet Susan

Susan started painting back in 2004, as both therapy and as a temporary solution to fill the walls of her new home. The move came just a few months since Susan had started her two-year chemo treatment and four months since her brain cancer diagnosis and surgery at MD Anderson Cancer Center. Painting helped take her mind off the nausea and life changes. With several large canvasses painted, Susan started thinking the colorful drop cloths that laid on the floor were more fun and colorful than the paintings. It was then a friend came by to show Susan a burlap beach bag she had made. Susan suggested they add paint so her friend sewed up a new one and Susan wore it to meet friends for lunch. 

how it began

A woman ran after Susan in the parking lot asking about the bag. Susan told her the drop cloth story and the woman (who owned a boutique nearby) offered her $80 so she could sell it in her shop. The next day she called Susan to say the bag had sold and asked if she could have three more. It was then Susan knew this was the beginning of a new venture. 

About the bags

Susan creates her line of hand-painted and crafted clutches, shoulder and cross body bags, totes and?weekenders that are?one-of-a kind unique pieces of?art?? the go-to accessory if you want to stand out from the crowd of mass-production handbags.

The designs are unique and all bags are?hand-signed by Susan. They are painted on high-quality artist canvas then sewn into various sizes and styles. All are sealed to have the look and feel of leather but are lightweight and water-repellent. Most of the bags are topped with vintage brooches or repurposed jewelry and buttons. They range from fun and funky to?sophisticated and chic, so customers can select those?that fit their outfit, personality or mood of the day.?

Giving Back

Susan Tancer Studios proudly donates 10% to MD Anderson Cancer Center, the hospital that saved her life in 2004. Most of her bags have a hidden painted symbol for life (chai).

We welcome a partnership with your charity where we happily donate 20% back to the organization. Contact us today to book your event.

“Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.”